‘Arry & Bondy’s Letters From Abroad – Los Angeles 2011

This week ‘Arry and Bondy try the west coast of the USA…

Alright Daniel,

We made it to LA in one piece, but only just. We almost missed the flight because of Bondy.

He only got carried away in the departures lounge at Heathrow and lost track of time, didn’t he? It’s always The Body Shop first, then Lush and finally that little Harrods. He always spends loads and then regrets buying it all because he knows he’ll never use it. His problem is that he gets excited about the latest foot creams and little biscuit tins that look like telephone boxes.

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Maradona’s Mesmerising Freestyle Skills For Your Enjoyment

In these two videos, Diego Maradona is seen showing off his keepy up skills. They have to be seen to be believed, but what that man can do with not only a ball, but also a bottle, an american football and even a rubix cube is astonishing.

He was probably able to do the same thing when he was two years-old. It all looks so effortless, even when he’s really fat…

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I Was There… Italy v Wales, Euro 2004 Qualifier, 6/9/2003

Match of the Day Kickabout Presenter, Geraint Hardy, is a massive Wales fan. Here, he recalls his first away trip with the national team for One Match Ban…

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Then & Now: Wales Players From 1980 Victory Over England Are Reunited

The pictures below show three ex-Welsh international footballers who all scored during the 4-1 victory over rivals, England, in 1980. Midfielders David Giles and Mickey Thomas and forward Ian Walsh recently got together for BBC Wales to discuss what it felt to get one over on their neighbours. Walsh described it as the best moment in his career and David Giles is still claiming the fourth goal.

From left to right, Walsh, Giles, Thomas.

Watch the highlights of the game below…

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Around the Grounds – 21st to 27th March 2011

Taking a look at the best football blog articles. This week, Real Madrid’s new kit, players to watch out for in 2011 and Maradona in his slippers.

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Top Tennis Players Including Murray, Nadal and Djokovic Play Football For Charity

Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal all represented the ATP All Stars as they took on the Fort Lauderdale Strikers in the name of charity this week.

Raising money for the efforts to help Japan after the recent disasters, the tennis players gave a brave display, but ultimately lost 4-2 on the night.

From the footage below, it seems like Murray is the tour’s lone striker, whilst skipper ,Djokovic, fills the gap at left-back.

After the game Djokovic said…

Most of us love playing football, most of us come from Europe, it’s our first sport there.

To show a contribution in some way is great.

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Tweet of the Week – Robin Van Persie, Arsenal

The Arsenal players are well known for catching the teammates napping on the coach. This week, RvP catches someone and uses the picture to play a little guessing game. See if you can guess who it is before all is revealed below the pic…

You can follow Robin at twitter.com/Persie_Official

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