Around the Grounds – 14th to 20th March 2011

Taking a look at the best football blog articles. This week, weird warm ups at the San Siro, Balotelli can’t dress himself, Ronaldinho makes the difficult look easy and more…

To the untrained eye you’d think that the players of AC Milan and Bari have gone mad. They seem to have swapped the football for the beach during the warm up for their recent game at the San Siro. In reality, as pointed out by Who Ate All The Pies, it’s a bunch of actors taking part in a publicity stunt.

He may have put on a little weight since his scrawny days at Paris St Germain, but, as Football XS point out, Ronaldinho is the perfect example of the saying, ‘Once you’ve got it, you never lose it’. Here, he demonstrates a perfect touch on a ball that is dropping from a big height.

It was a disappointing night for Man City in Europe. Not only did they get knocked out of the Europa League by Dynamo Kiev, they also had renegade striker Mario Balotelli sent off. The young italian was forced to apologise to fans and teammates, but maybe what he should really be apologising for is the inability to dress himself, as revealed by Box Office Football.

Ever wondered what the league would look like if you added up the performance of all league clubs ever? Well, wonder no more. You can see who came out on top and where your club lies thanks to Mirko Bolesan.

Stewart Downing is currently embroiled in a court battle after accusing his agent of stealing money from him. This forced the Aston Villa midfielder to reveal his spending habits, which aren’t that ludicrous. But what about other players? Find out what Nani is reportedly spending his wages on with Llandudno Jet Set.


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