Around The Grounds – 14th Feb to 20th Feb 2011

Taking a look at the best football blog articles. This week Ronaldo’s son plays hide and seek, Lescott gets owned by Rooney twice in a day and more…

The original Ronaldo retired on Monday. A superstar striker, one of the best ever. His speech was emotional as he explained the reasons for his decision and revealed a metabolism condition that has affected him for the last few years. All very serious stuff, or, it would have been, if Dirty Tackle hadn’t have spotted that the Brazilian’s son had been hiding underneath the table the whole time.

Joleon Lescott didn’t have a particulary good Manchester Derby experience at Old Trafford last weekend, what with Rooney’s acrobatics. But as Off The Post reports, the City centre-half is a glutton for punishment. The same evening, he met up with Rooney online for a bit of FIFA 11 action. The result was the same.

We all know about the big money January signings in the Premier League, but what happened in the lower leagues. Wouldn’t it be great if someone looked at the top ten Football League signings of the 2011 January transfer window? Well luckily for us, The Two Unfortunates did.

As book reviews go, you wouldn’t expect to find it on Richard & Judy’s Book Club, but this week Mirko Bolesan took a look at Merlin’s Premier League ’95 Sticker Album. Take a look and let the memories come flooding back.

As 101 Great Goals prove, Leo Messi can even control a ball with his, err, balls.


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